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Edinburgh was the stage for many fascinating episodes in Scotland’s history. Your guide, Robert, will take your classes on a carefully planned exploration of places directly linked to the project your class is undertaking. Robert will use various props, A3 pictures and evidence sheets with your class, encouraging your pupils to use the evidence to make assumptions about the past. We believe that there’s nothing quite as motivating as learning about history at the very places in which it happened. Our A3 images and evidence sheets will help your pupils understand how your tour area has changed over time. We’re expert storytellers and will immerse your pupils in the lives of the people who lived here. Images, props and historical evidence are all used to give your class a really clear understanding of the past. Come with us as we explore Edinburgh’s history!
“Robert was fantastic! His excellent knowledge of Edinburgh's history and brilliant story telling and sense of humour made for a fun filled morning. We especially enjoyed the way Robert used old images to allow us to visualise how Edinburgh looked in the past. Although I have lived here all my life, I learned SO MUCH about this beautiful city.” Catherine G - TripAdvisor review - November 2019


Join us on an exploration of Edinburgh’s fascinating Old Town! Throughout the tour your pupils will work with partners to use different types of evidence such as old maps, archive images, cartoons and the streets as well as buildings we will see around us. We’ll look at stories of famous Edinburgh people who were Kirkyard, we’ll visit the site of a long lost prison and explore an Old Town close. This one and a half-hour activity tour includes stories about Greyfriars Bobby, Deacon Brodie and Mary Queen of Scots.

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Please contact us so that we can discuss your Edinburgh tour requirements.

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Queen Mary’s Edinburgh

Take your class back in time to the Edinburgh which Mary, Queen of Scots would have known. Your class use a variety of pieces of historical evidence to help discover the stories of Mary’s past. We’ll see a replica of Mary’s tomb, where she spent some of her childhood and we’ll walk the very streets she’d have known. We’ll also get an opportunity to visit the site of Kirk o’Field - the site of the assassination of Mary’s second husband! We can, for a nominal extra fee, visit the High Kirk of St Giles and discover what happened to Mary’s half-brother.

Old Edinburgh walking tour - Second


Our Second Level tour will take your class on an evidence- exploring journey around parts of the Old Town. Your pupils will work in pairs to analyse and evaluate different pieces of historical evidence. They’ll have opportunities to check and critique the accuracy of a variety of different sources of evidence as they walk the streets of the Old Town. Your class will explore Greyfriars Kirkyard, visit the Grassmarket, West Bow and Royal Mile and an Old Town close. We may even be able to attempt a recreation of the old prison!

Jacobites in Edinburgh in 1745

Come with us as we tour the places which played a significant part in the story of the final Jacobite Rebellion. Your class will use various pieces of evidence to discover what Edinburgh was like in 1745, how the Jacobite army took the city and how the Hanoverians and Jacobites within Edinburgh acted during this period. We’ll learn about some of the important people, both men and women, who played a part in this exciting moment in Scotland’s history and we do this at the site of the locations they’d have known.

Life for the Victorian Poor in


There are so many resources which look at the lives of the rich and famous Victorians…this tour will introduce your class to a very different aspect of Victorian history. Edinburgh’s Old Town was effectively a slum dwelling. This tour will take your class right into the heart of the very poorest areas. Your pupils will use various pieces of historical evidence to unravel the forgotten stories of people who struggled to survive in a society which did little for them. Your class will learn about history and also citizenship issues relevant to society today.
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